Affordable Care Act (ACA) Information

Affordable Care Fast Facts

  • Enrollment Web Address:
  • Passed in 2010
  • Requires U.S. citizens to have health care insurance or face penalties.
  • Mandates health care insurance providers cover a core list of health services.
  • Requires each state to provide Marketplaces or Exchanges where people can choose an insurance provider and a plan that fits their needs.


When can I enroll?

Open enrollment for the health care insurance marketplaces has now ended, except for major changes, like the birth of a baby. 


What if I have questions about enrollment?

If you need assistance with enrollment, Howard County has a local Affordable Care Act navigator that can answer your questions. Her information is below.


Nemmi M. D'Agostino
Bilingual Outreach Enrollment Assistant
3118 South Lafountain Street
Kokomo, IN 46902
Phone: 765-864-4160
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Additionally, please visit the Health Insurance Marketplace website at: ( for Spanish speaking patrons) or call:


24/7 Consumer Call Center / Marketplace Call Center
1-800-318-2596 (English and non-English speaking)
1-855-889-4325 (TTY Users)


The Health Sherpa Website: can also help with comparing plans before purchasing through the Marketplace. 


Need health coverage? The Health Insurance Marketplace is open! Apply Now

DMV Practice Tests

DMV Tests banner

The Kokomo-Howard County Public Library Announces Partnership with; Innovation in Driving Education, Driving Tests Availability for Patrons

The Kokomo-Howard County Public Library is pleased to announce a new partnership with, one of the nation’s top sites for driver’s license practice tests. The partnership will strengthen the library’s mission to be a vital gateway to information., a company dedicated to driver safety and education, offers free DMV practice tests to library patrons. The new service includes free tests, written specifically based on the state DMV materials, and is the only site of its kind to include accessibility tools that allow users to hear selections read aloud, make them into MP3s, translate pages into other languages, magnify text, and mask sections of the screen for greater visibility on driving practice tests.

Availability and accessibility is important to the creators of, as the site is designed to help new drivers study state manuals and take driving practice tests based on the real DMV written exams. This partnership allows the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library to harness the power of’s specialized practice exams to turn new drivers into safer drivers.

The new program will work as an outreach for several valued groups of patrons, such as teens, those with disabilities, those who participate in the library’s programs for seniors and need to take a renewal exam, and patrons at every other stage of life.

“We also have partnerships with hundreds of libraries and schools across the nation, devoted to creating safe drivers,” says’s founder, Andrei Zakhareuski. “Our partners value information and accessibility – the same values we have, and ones that lead to safer roadways.”

For our new partner site, please visit

HOOPLA: Free Mobile & Online Movies, TV & More

What’s all the “Hoopla” about at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library? Another FREE service for patrons!


First KHCPL provided patrons with free ebooks through Overdrive. Then KHCPL subscribed to Freegal to give each card-holder up to five free weekly music downloads they could keep. Then the library subscribed to Zinio to allow you to use any internet-enabled device to read more than 80 magazines regularly. Now with its partnership with Hoopla, your library card along with a browser, Android, or iOS gives you access to thousands of movies, TV shows, music albums, and audiobooks — FREE! 


“It seemed only logical to provide mobile and online access to television shows, movies, and more considering society’s increasing use of technology,” said Tammy Keith, Head of KHCPL’s Collection Management Department. “We especially like that Hoopla is available to you wherever you go. You could watch movies on your iPad while on vacation, watch an episode of a sitcom TV show while waiting for your kids to finish practice for an upcoming game or performance, or read a book in a doctor’s office or hospital waiting room — anywhere life takes you.”


KHCPL went live with Hoopla today. Each patron may download up to six free titles each month.


“What we really like about Hoopla is that we can also offer patrons an extensive catalog of educational materials, children's titles, foreign films, and other hard-to-find content not offered anywhere else,” said Faith Brautigam, Director of KHCPL.


For example if you search movies, along with categories such as “New and Notable” and “Award Winners & Nominees,” you’ll find “Homeschooling,” which offers Cleared for Takeoff. Homeschoolers learn about flight with Captain Herb, a United Airlines pilot. He takes kids from the control tower to the maze of baggage handling, from giant jets taking off and landing to a front row seat in the cockpit of an in-flight Boeing 747 jumbo jet.


During a music search, you’ll find collections that provide 100 songs or more that only count as one borrowed item: 100 Great Symphonies, The Hot 100-Country Classics, and 100 Toddler Favorites.


Audiobook categories you’ll find when searching include “Business & Career.” And under television among other things, you’ll be able to watch documentaries, and British and classic TV shows.


Hoopla currently has thousands of selections available. It adds new content weekly and is working with studios and publishers to offer even more. 


You can check out movie and TV content for 72 hours, music for 7 days, and audiobooks for 21 days. 


To get started, go to and click on the Hoopla icon. Remember to have your KHCPL card in hand to sign up.




KHCPL Rudolph Family Fun Run Results


KHCPL had 150 registrants, but several people were out with the flu and didn’t participate. 


Community Howard Regional Health was the event sponsor and provided great door prizes, along with our guest speaker, Dr. Joshua Kluetz. In addition, Community Howard Regional Health provided wonderful volunteers and an information table.

The Friends of the Library was a generous T-shirt sponsor.

Salin Bank provided the funding for the trophies.

Western PTO helped sponsor the medals.


The City of Kokomo Traffic Commission was a big help in making sure we got the course just right to keep everyone safe.

Emergency Management Agency volunteers worked at the intersections and provided an ambulance to ensure safety.

Kokomo High School choir members serenaded and encouraged runners and walkers and manned the water station.

YMCA loaned our volunteers reflective vests to ensure their safety. 

Club Kokomo Roadrunners provided volunteers and lots of information, support, and encouragement.


We want to thank all the runners and walkers of all ages - and their canine friends - who registered for the event. We received great feedback and appreciate your support.




Parker Jones 16:23                             Gwen Grimes 21:23



0-12                                                          0-12

Joseph Packard 24:39                          Naomi Packard 26:08

13-19                                                       13-19

Dylan Brown 23:54                               Natalie Nicholson 22:20

20-29                                                       20-29

Gabriel Guardado 39:53                      Grace Atkins 26:06

30-39                                                      30-39

Dan Gibson 21:08                                 Leslie Raab 27:57

40-49                                                       40-49

Steve McDorman 18:17                        Michelle Nicholson 22:47

50-59                                                        50-59

R.J. Kerr 24:07                                        Ann Hubbard 26:05

60+                                                             60+

Dan Hubler 23:10                                  Karen Smith 28:40



Vince Lorenz 24:41                                        Mary Miller 30:50




1.Parker Jones 16:23

2.Steve McDorman 18:17

3.Tom Abney 18:31

4.Noel Shafer 19:40

5.Ronald Moore 19:57

6.Dan Gibson 21:08

7.Gwen Grimes 21:23 -First Woman

8.Natalie Nicholson 22:20

9.Michelle Nicholson 22:47

10.Leigh Swartzendruber 23:08

11.Dan Hubler 23:10

12.Dylan Brown 23:54

13.Trey Shock 23:59

14.R.J. Kerr 24:07

15.Ramiro Cortez 24:31

16.Joseph Packard 24:39

17.Vince Lozenz 24:41 –Walker

18.Corey Moore 25:42

19.Tami Moore 25:44

20.Katie Swartzendruber 25:53

21.Derek Conwell 25:54

22.Ann Hubbard 26:05

23.Grace Atkins 26:06

24.Marcus Fuller 26:06

25.Naomi Packard 26:08

26.Terri Jackson 26:50

27.Emilie Hubbard 27:13

28.Camden Raab 27:56

29.Leslie Raab 27:57

30.Rudy Suryantoro 28:10

31.Jerry Fennell 28:17

32.Emma McKinney 28:19

33.Karen Smith 28:40

34.Madison Collins 29:11

35.David Hughes 29:17

36.Anita Upchurch 29:28

37.Breanne Beam 29:29

38.Maddi McKinney 30:06

39.Cole Bodine 30:07

40.Mary Miller 30:50 –Walker

41.Ava People 31:01

42.Arianna Shanks 31:02

43.Bethany Thomas 31:17

44.Kathy Huntzinger 31:24

45.Troy Shock 32:44

46.Dawn Miller 33:21

47.Beth Green 33:26

48.Robin Cole 34:38

49.Brad Evans 34:40

50.Gretchen Shock 34:44

51.Lauren Allison 35:00

52.Parks Ortman 35:07

53.Jenni Ortman 35:08

54.Kyleigh Brown 35:33

55.Krystyne Wilson 35:44

56.Jackie Robertson 36:00

57.Stephen Wilson 36:23 – Walk

58.Darren Brown 36:44

59.Rusty Bodine 36:47

60.Lanie Bodine 36:47

61.Grace Bagwell 36:48

62.Kathleen McKinney 36:49

63.Amy Morgan 37:31

64.Matt Morgan 38:01

65.Kasie Highland 38:01

66.Aimee Highland 38:02

67.Virginia Packard 38:50

68.Eric Highland 39:09

69.Tori Highland 39:25

70.Mary Brown 39:30 – Walk

71.Macey Milroy 39:31 – Walk

72.Veronica Pratt 39:41

73.Lisa Price 39:49 -Walk

74.Marianna Wilson 39:50 – Walk

75.Gabriel Guardado 39:53

76.Lori Akers 40:09 – Walk

77.Elissa Hughes 40:11 – Walk

78.Peggy Faulkner 40:55

79.Garrett Evans 41:07

80.Braden Evans 41:07

81.Jeff Freeman 42:02 – Walk

82.Debbie Beachy 42:07

83.Trina Evans 43:06

84.Loralei Evans 43:08

85.Leah Pearce 43:11

86.Kelly Wright 43:56

87.Bella Wright 43:56

88.Addie Wright 43:57

89.Reece Wright 43:57

90.Tisha Steele 44:16

91.Olivia Steele 44:17

92.Susan Burns 44:38

93.Lynn Waddell 44:39

94.Erica Huffman 44:41 – Walk

95.Barbara Hobbs 45:20 – Walk

96.Melvin Hobbs 45:21 – Walk

97.Pam Freeman 45:22 – Walk

98.Angie Bowman 45:45 – Walk

99.Theresa Carlson 47:03 

100.Brandi Dedaker 47:15 – Walk

101.Jensen Wallisch 47:17 – Walk

102.Autumn Phillips 47:18 – Walk

103.Cathy Bratcher 47:34 – Walk

104.Amanda Pena 47:35 – Walk

105.Misty Hartke 47:44 – Walk

106.Rebecca Barends 47:44 – Walk

107.Ginger Phillps 47:47 

108.Julie O’Keefe 48:39 – Walk

109.Stephen Kiley 48:40 – Walk

110.Taliah Wright 49:13

111.Maurice Wright 49:14

112.Tina Dixon 48:39

113.Annalise Dixon 49:39

114.Ellie Hendrickson 50:03 – Walk

115.Cheryl John 50:04 – Walk

116.Cheyenne Shepherd 50:23 – Walk

117.Kelly Brogoitti 50:26 – Walk

118.Tiffany Hendrickson 52:47 – Walk

119.Crystal Burton 52:52 – Walk

120.Sandra Dance 52:53 – Walk

121.Emily Morgan 54:08

122.Kinzie Conaway 54:09

123.Kathryn Collins 54:39

124.Natalie Gillespie 55:08

125.Lori Danford 56:47 – Walk

126.Cindy Ropes 56:49 – Walk

127.Angie Nutter 57:52 – Walk

128.Ronda Henry 58:07 

129.Shelby Conaway 58:46

130.Jill Conaway 58:46




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